The Kerry Way by artist Carl Vaughan

The Kerry Way by artist Carl Vaughan


Art Collections in CUH

The art in the public realm of CUH is made up of two collections. The first collection, known as The Collection, began in CUH in 1998 and is made up of over 320 artworks donated as gifts to the hospital over the past 20 years. The second collection is The West Cork Collection, consists of 32 artworks and is kindly on loan from Paul & Aileen Finucane.

The belief underlying The Collection is that art exhibited at Cork University Hospital can help improve the experience of people here, many of whom are going through times of great stress and anxiety.

Majella O’Neill Collins is the spark that ignited this collection 20 years ago, when she spent anxious months wandering the corridors of this hospital while her brother lay in intensive care.

As an artist, she sought solace in the arts. One dark night, she swore that if her brother made a recovery she would donate a painting to the hospital.

Her brother made a full recovery, thanks to the care he received in CUH. So, not only did Majella donate her own painting, she proceeded to ask her friends to also donate. She is a very persuasive lady and so this collection is now over 350 pieces.

This summer saw the influx of over 60 new artworks which have been added to this collection and hung in recent weeks. 

Today, the CUH is at the forefront of innovation, by making this art collection available to view online, to have a digital catalogue of the art freely available to everyone, especially those who are unable to leave the wards. A gift of generosity for patients, visitors and staff.

The solace offered by the art on the walls is here for patients, visitors and staff, to give relief and distraction from difficult days, no matter how fleeting.

None of this would be possible without the generosity of the artists themselves, all of whom have given their artworks as gifts, for the benefit of those who need it in the hospital environment.

To these artists and their families, we give a heartfelt thank you.